Who We are

UMEED TV Channel will offer inter-cultural programmers to entertain its viewers of different cultures worldwide. Also, offering local and international news in Urdu, Hindi, French and English and other languages too. The network feels it’s important to keep its viewers updated with the latest events occurring around the world by telecasting sports, fashion show, entertainment show, musical show, politics, international movies, talk shows and documentaries on animals, past events, social culture and religion. The network will also include policy matters programmers. A significant feature will be its educational programs for the youth and women, emphasizing on women’s rights. UMEED’s vision is to attract the younger generation in hopes they can value their culture and become more familiar with their heritage and ethnic roots, hence, resulting in harmony, love and peace among the communities.


Integration is the act of bringing together smaller COMMUNITY GROUPs into a single system that functions as one. In an context, integration refers to the end result of a process that aims to stitch together different, CULTURAL BACKGROUND often disparate, subsystems so that the COMMON FORCE contained in each becomes part of a larger COMMUNITY, more comprehensive system that BOOST ECONOMIC TIES, ideally, quickly and easily shares VIEWS when needed for excellent communications based on mutual understanding.

Umeed Overview

Umeed believe that as unique individuals in this complex world, we all encompass one common element, which is the love for colours. The colours we wear is a way for many of us express our emotions, moods and to also celebrate special events in our lives. Although certain cultures or people might associate certain colours with specific beliefs; it does not construe that such colours symbolizes the same beliefs for someone else. For example, while the color green may symbolize balance and harmony, that same colour might symbolize hope, happiness and generosity for someone else.


Umeed Fashion Against poverty is set to attract not only the chosen up and coming Fashion Designers carefully selected, but also a unique audience blended with entrepreneurs, fashion lover, students, youth as well as dignified people, dignified cultural from the Fashion and Entertainment sector of the Greater Toronto Area. Not only are we aiming at bridging the gap of cultural around the world through this expected audience, but aggressive yet selective media and exposure will help not only promote all those involved, but will set the tone for better things to develop the following year as a result of what has been accomplished now.

Thank you

Thank you for taking your time to read the presented details about our Fashion show. Without the generous support provided by our sponsors, all VOLUNTEERS models, Actor, Singer, Host, work back of stage, All guest.