Both are unique for their services for multicultural communities with English, French, Urdu, Arabic (South African) and Chinese languages.

I want to take a moment to reach out to you today and present you with a great opportunity for visibility and branding through the Umeed Newspaper and Umeed TV  Network Canadaproject to be published.


Your organization has been a part of building the Canada landscape for many years, in all areas of development, something surely noteworthy to your peers and your presence in our metropolis has had its impact as a true leader in our society.

Canada 150th anniversary is a once in a lifetime event. The sheer size and distribution of this edition assures your    profile and message gets to the best, broadest, and most affluent client base.

This Network will give you the opportunity to highlight your accomplishments to business owners, investors, and developers like yourself, to a brotherhood of business leaders so to speak. The 150th Umeed Newspaper will be distributed to the most affluent homes, businesses, hotels, municipal locations, libraries etc., where it will be featured as keep sake for our city.

It will be a quarter of a century before such an opportunity becomes available again. This type of publication is something to want to be associated with for what it stands for and what it is!

I thank you in advance for your interest and we would make sure your organization participates with us in writing this new chapter of our Canada history.

We have limited the size of the publication.

Call today so that your organization is not left out.

And Others

Chinese both official and private delegations visiting Canada for the purposes of business, investment, education and trade or to promote Chinese culture shall be facilitated fully by this Company to carry on their plans  and projects

Umeed Canada shall arrange to introduce any delegation looking to meet officials of Federal, Provincial and municipality level. For education both academic and technical being imparted by the Canadian universities shall be introduced by this company. Comprehensively any Chinese production that like to be introduced in Canada flourishing markets, this company is quite competent to do this marketing job perfectly.

M. Zamir Ajiz or Zhang Yu

Director for Special Edition

Thank for your business

Umeed TV

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